The Oso Diablo Story

I was born in land far far south. My first CD was Jimi Hendrix's Blues album. 

A few years ago, I decided to really refocus on learning the blues on my guitar, and on making cigar box guitars and restoring old Harmony/Kay/Silvertone guitars.

I started going to Clarksdale, Mississippi every year and soaking in the culture, listening to records, and playing along with them.

Then I took the big step, and moved to Austin, Texas to get more involved in the music scene.

Today I am proud to have produced an EP, Brother's Keeper, collaborating with some great musicians in the process. I am especially thankful to my teacher and mentor Carl Weathersby for all he has taught me.

Making and Restoring Guitars

It all started when I made my own electric guitar at age 14 (well, just the body, really). My early rock star dreams were infused by the love of making an instrument from scratch. My bandmates and friends loved to joke about the fact that when it was all said and done, the guitar cost me more than one would have cost at the store. I didn't care. It was mine. It had Soul. You can't buy Soul.

In 2014, I came across a blog post on the Art of Manliness about how to make a cigar box guitar. I immediately started thinking about making one, as I was just starting to get serious about playing again.

What started as a project that was meant to be a one-time gift became an obsession with craftsmanship, tone, and ultimately music and the connections and emotions that it represents.

I have only made one guitar for myself: Tabasco Honey, pictured above being played on stage at the Juke Joint Chapel in Clarksdale, Mississippi. All others have been for people who mean something to me, and people I have played music with. I love designing and building instruments that will get played and that will spark creative juices in people. You can get to know the stories of the people who play Oso Diablos in the Guitars section.

The Rye Infusing Process

Every piece made in the Oso Diablo shop goes through a proprietary rye infusing process. It makes the guitar sound dirty.

Blues + Dirt = Love.

Want to Get in Touch?

I love to hear stories from far and wide...and I love the blues. You can follow me on Instagram @Oso_Diablo, Twitter @OsoDiabloGuitar, or you can contact me here.