The Fire Shackcaster

This build was inspired by the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS. I travel there for the Down 2 the Crossroads guitar workshop every year.

I literally set this guitar on fire. Burnt pine Telecaster, roasted maple neck, Lindy Fralin Blues Specials pickups, Hipshot B bender, lacquered rusted metal pickguard made from a car door.

I started with a CNCd knotty pine body, sanded it, then took a mapp torch to it. Smooth strokes with the grain, and then when it caught fire, I stomped it out so only the softer part of the grain burned (I practiced ahead of time on a pine's easy to burn too much or make it splotchy). Then I finished with four coats of Tru Oil. The body was really thirsty, so the first couple of coats got fully absorbed. Now it has a satin look and feel that's very raw and feels amazing. The neck is a roasted maple neck from Warmoth. I left that unfinished (it feels and smells amazing) and did all the fitting/assembly/setup.